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Luxury Body Transformation Experiences

We specialize in natural body sculpting and contouring to give you the a fitter, slimmer body without the downtime and difficult recovery of traditional invasive surgeries. As a result of working with you over several weeks, we will bring you the body transformation you desire. By the time, we’re done using the  latest body sculpting technologies to transform your body, you won’t recognize yourself. Since our procedures are performed by trained professionals, we ensure you get the best results in the safest environment.

Ice/ Wood Therapy
Ultrasonic Cavitation
Radio Frequency
Butt Lift

Luxury, quality & comfort

Body Contouring  Packages

Join us in helping you look and feel your best. By the time, we’re done improving the  tightness and smoothness of your body and reducing the fat areas, you’ll look and feel different. Our specialist will craft custom body contouring packages providing the ultimate way to enjoy our services for toning and firming. 

Cellulite Treatment

V Steam


Ice/Wood Therapy

This therapy redefines body contouring! Using these ancient techniques, our body designers will help reduce cellulite and facilitate weight loss.

During your sessions, the desired body area is worked intensely with the wooden tools which adds pressure to increase the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite.

This process allows fats and toxins to be eliminated naturally.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

A non-invasive form of liposuction designed to reduced fat,  target cellulite, loose skin, and  tightened skin. This body contouring technique is not to be ignored.

Providing quick results, Ultrasonic cavitation works by targeting fat deposits using ultrasound technology to break up fat cells stubbornly clinging to the skin.

Detox Sauna

An age-old remedy, resurrected to boost the health of your nether regions. Throughout the ages,  it’s believed that vaginal steaming will ease menstrual cramps and maybe even raise your libido. During this session, steam and a selection of premium herbs is used  to cleanse the vagina. 

For generations, Chinese medicine  practitioners  used vaginal steaming to:

  • dilate the blood vessels
  • increase blood circulation to relieve stagnation and coldness in the body.

Butt Lift

Get rid of the sagging skin, regain your curves, and bring younger body into the here and now. Through this body contouring technique,  bring lift back to your butt.

In general, everyone’s body is unique and specific to their body composition. Like our other techniques,  we’ll tailor your body contouring plan to fit your needs.


Radio Frequency

Along with our other effective body contouring techniques, we offer radio frequency techniques which provides

  • visible fat reduction,
  • skin firming
  • tightening.

With this technique,  you will look thinner and feel better. Through Radio frequency, 

Tighten and rejuvenate skin using the power of electrical current to heat the area targeted for fat reduction.

Optimum Foot Detox

Purge heavy metals from your body with our foot detox bath.

Balance the pH of your body to draw out toxins and relieve swelling. It’s believed that  through detoxing you

  • enhance your immune system,
  • detoxify the liver
  • cleanse you liver and kidney.

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